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The Inetlab SMPP library implements SMPP protocol for two-way SMS messaging over TCP/IP. It allows to communicate with the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) or SMS provider. Using the library, you can send SMS messages to customers, receive messages from mobile devices and process delivery receipts. It supports long text messages in any encoding.

This is a robust SMPP framework for building production-grade solutions. Inetlab SMPP is helpful in such tasks as:

  • notifying users
  • command receiving from mobile subscribers (i.e. accounts balance requests)
  • creation of SMS Gateway for SMS traffic reselling
  • and many other applications.

The Inetlab SMPP library is fully compliant with SMPP specifications v3.3, v3.4, v5.0 and comes with a comprehensive set of code samples. Enjoy exploring our demo applications, knowledge base and best support from our development team. Inetlab developers will review your code and even analyze your Wirshark network SMPP data logs!

SMPP Client Features

  • Sending long Text messages as concatenated segments
  • Sending Binary messages
  • Sending Flash SMS
  • Sending WAP Push
  • Receiving SMS messages from mobile phones
  • Intuitive SMS building with fluent interface
  • Keeping connection to SMPP server alive
  • Working with any language including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Greek and Unicode messages support
  • Reliable bulk SMS-sending at up to 500 messages per second rate
  • SSL/TLS support
  • and many more

SMPP Server Features

  • Multiple concurrent client connections support
  • Receiving SMS messages from connected clients
  • Sending Concatenated Text messages
  • Sending Delivery receipts
  • Message status query support
  • Message rate limit and throttling
  • Ability to forward received messages to next SMPP server
  • SSL/TLS support
  • Tests availability of client with enquiry_link command
  • Proxy Protocol for load-balancing support
  • and many more

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